Improving the lives of children affected by HIV & AIDS

How do you see the future for Tanzania?

The majority of the population live in the rural areas where infrastructure is not favourable. In the course of implementing project activities our biggest challenge is to address the level of ignorance. Inadequate knowledge, skills and technologies in the local communities have been a drawback to improving rural livelihoods. People have not been able to utilise their surrounding environment to solve their daily problems despite plenty of natural resources. The world economic crisis is a silent challenge which has also had a big impact on the local economy. Inflation has increased prices of commodities meaning that the marginalised groups, especially women and children, are the most affected.

We are committed to helping people build on the resources readily available in order to bring about positive changes. We extend our gratitude to our trustees, staff, development partners, local communities and all those who are contributing towards reaching the needy and achieving that vision.