Improving the lives of children affected by HIV & AIDS

Egmont Supporters

In addition to our network of generous individual and corporate supporters, we are also very grateful for the assistance we receive from Egmont Ambassadors (who help spread the word about our work), Patrons (who, along with Trustees, cover all our operational costs) and grant-making foundations.


Mark & Sarah Ansell
The Syncona Foundation
Ross Turner
Various anonymous


Jules & Sophie Ansell
William Bristowe
Matthew Clarke
Nick and Non Cross
Kate Humble
Andy & Freya Kocen
Sarah Lacaille
Alison Mayne
Ben & Charlie Morison
Sarah Muirhead
Ali Newell
Kathy Street
Sally Turnbull
Martin & Sally Woodcock

Major Supporters

The Syncona Foundation
The Britford Bridge Trust
Cathrine & Hakan Filipson
'GS Gives' of the Goldman Sachs Foundation
Sjoerd Leenart
The Littlefield Foundation
The Rosemary Nathanson Charitable Trust
Ross Turner
The Treebeard Trust
The Waterloo Foundation
Combermere House of Wellington College
The Woodcock Family Charitable Trust
Various anonymous

In-Kind Support

Diversified Global Graphics Group (DG3)

What Your Money Can Buy


Improves household nutrition for an elderly carer of orphaned children


Helps a family introduce protein to their diet and generate income, paying for 2 rabbits, a cage and instructions on rabbit-rearing


Pays for a year’s school fees and shelter for a girl at risk on the streets


Buys an industrial sewing machine to use in training 6 girls a year in dress-making


Supplies 5 schools with irrigation equipment (hose-pipes, watering cans, sprinklers, rakes) to establish vegetable gardens, increasing food supply


Educates 20 teachers (who will go on to teach 500 school children) about transmission and prevention of HIV & AIDS


Buys enough maize, soya beans, wheat, sesame and millet, for the year, to prepare nutritious flour for 100 vulnerable children's households


Facilitates access to medical treatment, counselling and monitoring the well-being of 50 HIV+ children whilst also addressing family social issues


Funds door to door testing and counselling in remote areas with difficult access for 1,200 people


Provides monthly nutritional support and hygiene materials to 175 vulnerable children and destitute families affected by HIV & AIDS for a year


Provides one year's tuition and materials for 36 HIV vulnerable young women enrolled in vocational courses such as tailoring, catering, interior decorating, and pre-school training


Trains 1,050 farmers in functional literacy, numeracy and business