Improving the lives of children affected by HIV & AIDS

Partners in Tanzania

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  1. Ace Africa - Tanzania
  2. Forever Angels
  3. Kimara Peers
  4. Kwa Wazee

Ace Africa - Tanzania

Based in Arusha, near Kilimanjaro, Ace Tanzania works in some of the most impoverished communities in the country. Over 70% of people live on less than £1.25 a day and 99% do not have access to adequate nutritious food.

Ace works to improve the lives of people living in rural Tanzania – by providing seeds and training to vulnerable families and children to support the growth of diverse and nutritious crops; by helping communities become self-sufficient through supporting income generating activities; and by helping families access credit from micro-finance initiatives. Ace also supply uniforms, school fees and other school essentials to AIDS affected children who would otherwise be unable to attend classes. Their programmes address the long-term development issues that have allowed HIV & AIDs to spread so widely and deeply across sub-Saharan Africa. 

Egmont & Ace Africa - Tanzania
Started working together in 2008
48,700 people helped
5 projects funded
£172,770 invested
Impact Areas
Nutrition Education Economic Empowerment Treatment & Care HIV & AIDS Education Group Support Testing & Counselling Child Abuse

Forever Angels

The Forever Angels (FA) orphanage supports new-born infants whose mothers have died in childbirth or succumbed to AIDS complications.  Some babies, whose mothers are in such an advanced state of HIV that they are unable to lactate, are given life-saving milk formula by the orphanage. This is essential work in Tanzania where one in five children die before reaching their first birthday.

Forever Angels does not operate as a traditional orphanage but prefers to support infants within their own family networks where possible or reintegrate severely malnourished infants once they have been brought up to a healthy weight. Forever Angels then assists individual families to establish sustainable income streams to feed their children and fund basic household costs. 

Of the 281 children supported by Forever Angels since its inception in 2006, 79% have been adopted or reintegrated into their family networks.

Egmont & Forever Angels
Started working together in 2015
422 people helped
2 projects funded
£48,000 invested
Impact Areas
Nutrition Education Economic Empowerment Treatment & Care HIV & AIDS Education Testing & Counselling

Kimara Peers

While Tanzania has been less affected by HIV & AIDS than its sub-Saharan neighbours, the capital - Dar es Salaam - is one of the country's worst affected areas, with over 300,000 people infected with HIV. Set up in 1992 by a small group of men and women affected by HIV & AIDS, Kimara Peers is based in the city’s suburbs where prevalence is twice the national average.

Kimara Peers provides testing, counselling and support systems for people living with or affected by HIV & AIDS. In particular the organisation focuses on offering home-based care for people who are severely ill; giving nutritional support to AIDS-affected families; and championing savings and credit schemes for people struggling to cope with the impact of HIV & AIDS on their lives. They also support vulnerable children's access to education by providing help with school fees and materials such as school bags and books. Kimara Peers’ strong network of emotional and financial aid ensures that individuals need not face their troubles alone. 

Egmont & Kimara Peers
Started working together in 2008
3,551 people helped
5 projects funded
£197,008 invested
Impact Areas
Nutrition Education Economic Empowerment Treatment & Care HIV & AIDS Education Group Support Testing & Counselling
Martha's Story

Martha's Story

Kwa Wazee

UNICEF reports that nearly 3 out of every 10 girls aged in Tanzania experience at least one incident of sexual violence before the age of 18. In the Kagera region, where HIV prevalence has been as high as 30%, the consequences of sexual violence for young girls can have life long physical, and emotional effects.

Egmont partner Kwa Wazee has been supported to work with 1,600 children in Kagera to help prevent incidences of child abuse. Working with village leaders and head teachers of local schools, Kwa Wazee has established Child Protection Committees, that aim to: reduce the number of cases through community campaigns; address deep seated views on gender based violence through behavioural workshops; and to bring perpetrators to justice by providing a reporting and support network for victims.

Kwa Wazee has also organised the children into small neighbourhood groups as a further support network. Groups are offered training in income generating activities, such as chicken rearing, and enrolled in group savings schemes enabling to raise household incomes, helping them to afford the costs of staying in school, increasing their safety.

Egmont & Kwa Wazee
Started working together in 2017
1,600 people helped
1 project funded
£14,408 invested
Impact Areas
Nutrition Economic Empowerment HIV & AIDS Education Group Support Testing & Counselling Child Abuse