Improving the lives of children affected by HIV & AIDS

Partners in Zambia

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  1. Mitengo Women's Co-operative
  2. Partners for Life Advancement and Education Promotion
  3. Restless Development - Zambia
  4. Kucetekela Foundation
  5. Vision of Hope
  6. Zambia Rainbow Development Trust

Mitengo Women's Co-operative

The high HIV prevalence in Chongwe district means that many families struggle to provide for the vulnerable children in their care. Family members with HIV or AIDS are often too ill to cultivate the land, and relatives of orphaned children struggle to feed, clothe and support the many extra family members in their care.

Mitengo delivers training in agriculture, conservation farming, food processing, and business management for families who are not able to cope. Since partnering with Egmont in 2005, crop cultivation and small-scale animal farming programmes designed and implemented by the Mitengo team have delivered materials, training and support to the people of Chongwe. These programmes have resulted in sustained improvements in nutrition, food security, and family income. Using their increased income these families are now able to send their children to school, and afford treatment for common diseases.

Egmont & Mitengo
Started working together in 2005
11,505 people helped
8 projects funded
£247,776 invested
Impact Areas
Nutrition Education Economic Empowerment HIV & AIDS Education Testing & Counselling

Partners for Life Advancement and Education Promotion (PLAEP)

Located near eastern Zambia’s copper mines, the town of Kitwe was once an important commercial and industrial hub. However, an increasing population and the recent decline in copper prices has seen unemployment skyrocket along with a rise in the number of children living in poverty. As families and caregivers struggle to afford the cost of educating the children in their care, many dropout and become more vulnerable to contracting HIV. As a result the HIV prevalence in Kitwe is over 20%, compared to the national average of 14.3%.

With Egmont’s support, Partners for Life Advancement and Education Promotion (PLAEP) is improving the chances of 250 children affected by HIV & AIDS in Ipusukilo and Musonda. Children will be supported through the provision of school fees, extra tuition and a school feeding programme to ensure that they are receiving a nutritionally balanced diet. PLAEP will also work with the children’s parents and care-givers to develop income generating activities and form small saving and lending groups to enable them to meet the costs of educating the children in their care. 

Egmont & PLAEP
Started working together in 2016
286 people helped
1 project funded
£14,260 invested
Impact Areas
Nutrition Education Economic Empowerment Testing & Counselling HIV & AIDS Education

Restless Development - Zambia

Kapiri Mposhi, in Central Province, Zambia, is a transit area with a 15.8% HIV prevalence rate. Extreme poverty has led many young girls to engage in transactional sex to survive. Many fall pregnant or contract HIV. Girls and young women remain the most at-risk group for contracting HIV and sexually transmitted infections across Zambia.

Restless Development focuses on providing comprehensive education and access to sexual and reproductive health services to 2000 adolescents, both in and out-of-school. Girls will also be supported into safe means of generating income to support themselves and their families. This Egmont-supported project, builds upon Restless Development’s previous work in Central Province, which saw a 50 % reduction in teenage pregnancies in targeted schools, meaning more girls staying in education and reducing their risk of contracting HIV.

Egmont & Restless Development
Started working together in 2006
2,120 people helped
2 projects funded
£45,924 invested
Impact Areas
HIV & AIDS Education Violence Against Women Testing & Counselling Child Abuse

Kucetekela Foundation

With the 7th highest prevalence rate in the world, HIV & AIDS continues to ravage the population of Zambia, 50% of whom are now under 16 years of age. 

Of all of the challenges facing young Zambians, education may be the greatest.  Kucetekela Foundation is a charity working to improve educational opportunities for young people and currently provides secondary school scholarships to 39 gifted Zambian children many of whom have been affected by HIV or AIDS themselves. The programme includes tuition and boarding for each student at a secondary school in Lusaka as well as tutoring, uniforms, textbooks and a mentoring programme. The project aims that by the end of their schooling, each student will have gained a place to study at university, or have volunteering activities or work-placement opportunities in place for their gap year. Kucetekela’s ultimate goal and vision is to provide an opportunity for children to break the cycle of poverty and empower them to contribute as successful and productive citizens. 

Egmont & Kucetekela Foundation
Started working together in 2010
203 people helped
4 projects funded
£158,294 invested
Impact Areas
Education Testing & Counselling HIV & AIDS Education

Vision of Hope (VOH)

Egmont Partner Vision of Hope is the only organisation working exclusively with girls living on the streets of Lusaka. Their mission is to combat violence against street girls, improve their educational prospects, provide refuge and rehabilitation, and ultimately re-unite girls or young women with their families or extended family members.

VOH has a shelter where girls can stay, wash and access nutritional food, while the staff works to trace their families and undertakes home visits to ensure that the street children can be re-united with their relatives safely. Once the girls are safe, secure and well cared for, VOH enrols them in local schools and supports their educational needs, such as uniforms, shoes, writing materials and provides extra tuition when they have been unable to attend school earlier in their lives.

Egmont & Vision of Hope
Started working together in 2013
7,845 people helped
2 projects funded
£68,157 invested
Impact Areas
Nutrition Education Economic Empowerment HIV & AIDS Education Violence Against Women Testing & Counselling Child Abuse
Chipo's Story

Elida's Story

Zambia Rainbow Development Trust (ZRDF)

Working in the remote communities of Mkushi and Luano, in Zambia’s Central Province, the Zambia Rainbow Development Trust (ZRDF) aims to improve the quality of life for families struggling to cope with the impact of HIV & AIDS. Across Zambia, over 60% of the population lives on less than $1.90 a day.

ZRDF works with communities to form support groups and support structures that work with government services. The communities that Egmont is supporting ZRDF to work with are highly dependent on agriculture and far away from government amenities, for example the nearest health post is 22km away. Support groups are trained in best agricultural practices and provided with a more diverse range of seed to reduce the likelihood of crop failure. ZRDF will also train community health volunteers (CBV’s) so that door to door health assessments and testing for HIV can be carried out, and more serious cases of illness can be referred to the health post.

Egmont & ZRDF
Started working together in 2017
2,160 people helped
1 project funded
£26,000 invested
Impact Areas
Nutrition Economic Empowerment HIV & AIDS Education Treatment & Care Testing & Counselling