Improving the lives of children affected by HIV & AIDS

The turnaround in Martha’s story since her introduction to Kimara Peers is remarkable.  Her struggling business, that once sold tomatoes and fish, is now a thriving enterprise that supplies local hotels and restaurants with plump chickens, a lucrative industry in Dar es Salaam. 

After joining Kimara Peers, Martha received business management training, and was welcomed into a Household Income & Savings Association (HISA) group. Each HISA member contributes weekly to a communal fund, which members can borrow from to set up income generating activities.

Living in the suburbs, Martha took advantage of the land around her garden where chickens could roam, and with a small loan from her HISA group, now sells mature birds for TZS 10,000 profit (£3.64). With the income she generates she can afford school fees and uniforms for all her grandchildren. Martha also has a group she can turn to for friendship and understanding. She is no longer alone.


This story appeared in the Egmont Grassroots 2014 - Issue 1.