Improving the lives of children affected by HIV & AIDS

Becoming an Egmont Partner

Egmont's Approach

Egmont believes that locally driven organisations, already committed to alleviating the effects of HIV & AIDS, know what projects and initiatives will work best in their local context and deliver results for the communities they support.

We understand that simple access to finance has been the single biggest challenge facing the many, outstanding civil society organisations working to alleviate the impact of HIV & AIDS. In response Egmont offers direct grants of up to £26,000 per annum to small and large organisations specifically in Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe that are working to improve the lives of people affected by AIDS, with a particular focus on those most vulnerable: children and women.  

We do not prescribe the specific activities that we will fund. Over the last 10 years we have supported many, varied initiatives that have ranged from improving nutrition for young people, increasing incomes, education, improving home based care and knowledge of HIV & AIDS. The potential partner must illustrate their vision, their integrity and how their planned interventions will have an impact.

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How to become an Egmont partner

For new partners Egmont offers one year grants up to £26,000.

We only invite proposals from a short list of potential partners. NB we do not respond to unsolicited project proposals.

To be placed on this short list you need to submit an Expression of Interest by completing the form below. You can provide summary information on your organisation, the key people, your background and vision as well as some of your achievements. You can also briefly outline what sort of results and activities you would pursue with a grant from Egmont.

Expressions of Interest are regularly reviewed; we may make contact with the potential partner to understand the information provided in more depth. If these provisional assessments are positive you will be added to the short list of potential partners.

Twice or three times a year we invite shortlisted organisations only to submit proposals for a one year projects as described above.

These proposals are rigorously assessed and grants are offered to those who are successful. Organisations on the short list whose proposals are not successful are provided with explanations for the rejection and may be re-invited in subsequent calls for proposals.

Following successful completion of initial annual grants, and subject to funds being available, partners are generally invited to submit proposals for 2 year projects and, if appropriate, to graduate from innovation to core grant. Partners are also generally invited to submit repeat proposals if their projects are successful. There is no time limit on the relationship with Egmont. 

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