Improving the lives of children affected by HIV & AIDS

We visited the Mashua community, north of Chokwé, to see how Vukoxa was helping the elderly grandparents caring for vulnerable children there. Three years ago, as part of an Egmont-funded project, Vukoxa installed a water pump to irrigate the crops of the local community. Each grandparent is part of a collective, working the mashamba or garden and collecting a portion of the produce. We heard how the water pump has greatly increased their productivity and currently comfortably supplies 18 acres of farmland.

This simple, low-cost intervention has completely transformed the community’s livelihood. As well as producing enough diverse crops to feed the collective, there is also a significant surplus. This year the Mashua group produced nearly 11 tonnes of beans and hired 250 workers from nearby communities to harvest the produce. The profit was enough to purchase a motorbike, 6 cows, seeds for re-planting, and books and school essentials for the children in their care.