Improving the lives of children affected by HIV & AIDS

Highlights from the 2019 Annual Egmont Awards

The 12th Annual Egmont Awards took place on the 13th March 2019 at the Royal Institution of Great Britain in London. The Egmont Awards recognise exemplary partners and individuals from our portfolio of supported organisations over the past year.

The award winners are recognised for two distinct achievements. Every year, Egmont’s Programme Committee carefully assesses the achievements and progress that each organisation across the portfolio has realised in improving the lives of children affected by HIV & AIDS. This year, Chiedza Childcare Centre from Zimbabwe was granted the ‘Best Performing Organisation’ award. Spiwe Chakawa – Chiedza’s Executive Director – accepted the award on behalf of all of Chiedza’s staff and volunteers. Spiwe spoke movingly of the incredible results Egmont support had helped enable Chiedza to achieve in bringing education to hundreds of vulnerable children in the informal communities of Harare.

The second award, for ‘Most Inspirational Person’, went to Allan Khaki of the HIV & AIDS in the Workplace Intervention Programme (HAWIP), an all-volunteer organisation comprised of healthcare professionals working out of Rumphi District Hospital in northern Malawi. Allan – who was unable to attend in person – was recognised for his steadfast and enduring commitment and passion in bringing healthcare, access to education and income-improvement programmes to newly diagnosed HIV+ families and children across Rumphi District, while also fulfilling his professional duties at Rumphi District Hospital.

Allan’s absence presented the opportunity for a new type of award, recognising the breadth and depth of achievement that an individual who has benefitted from an intervention by and Egmont partner can achieve. The inaugural award for Exceptional Achievement was received by Walani Ndhlovu, who as a young boy was helped by Egmont partner Kwithu Women’s Group into secondary education. With Kwithu’s support Walani graduated among the top-performing students from the prestigious Mzuzu International Academy, gaining a scholarship to attend Union College in New York, where he is now studying mechanical engineering. Walani spoke movingly of the difficulty his mother had raising him and his six siblings after the death of his father, and how the support of Egmont both helped him - and spurred him on - to excel in his studies. Walani also spoke of his desire to give back to his family and, one day, to Malawi.