Improving the lives of children affected by HIV & AIDS

Highlights from the 2013 Egmont Awards

On Tuesday 21st May 2013 the Egmont Trust held its fifth Annual Awards at the Royal Institution in London.

In a lively and engaging presentation guests heard from Clare Evans, founder Trustee who introduced the work supported by Egmont and then showed a brief film illustrating this. Colin Williams then spoke briefly about the results and impact that is being delivered by our partners before making the awards to Abdul Faquir of Meninos and Enouche Ndeche of VAP.

The Award winners were recognised for two distinct achievements: Enouce was given the Most Inspiring Individual award for his work in setting up VAP in Nairobi, Kenya. Abdul Faquir, who founded Meninos de Mozambique in Maputo in 1999, was presented with the Award for the Best Performing Organisation. Each of them spoke movingly about the work they direct, their personal story and what motivates them.

Our guests then saw a short film featuring the work of Kimara Peer Educators from Dar es Salaam, led by Pfiriael Kiwia, Award winner in 2011