Improving the lives of children affected by HIV & AIDS

Highlights from the 2012 Egmont Awards

On Thursday 17th May 2012 the Egmont Trust held its fourth Annual Awards at the Royal Institution in London.

In the historic Faraday Theatre the audience heard from James Macmillan, the Chief Operating Officer, who discussed the progress made by Egmont over the last twelve months, followed by Colin Williams, Director of Policy, who described the work that is being supported on the ground and introduced the Award winners, Anna Msowoya-Keys and Girlmerina Matiza. Our guests then saw a short film featuring  Associação Imagine from Katembe, Mozambique. Egmont’s newest Trustee, Alison Mayne concluded the presentations with a talk about her visit to one of Egmont’s longest standing partners, Mitengo in Zambia.

The Award winners were recognised for two distinct achievements: Anna was given the Most Inspiring Individual award for her work in setting up both Mzuzu Academy and the Kwithu Women’s Group in Malawi. Girlmerina Matiza, whose dedicated leadership has enabled HOSPAZ to make a real difference to people affected by HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe, was presented with the Award for the Best Performing Organisation.